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Whether you are an industrial land owner selling multiple tracts in multiple states or a small private land owner selling the family farm, you need to hire a professional that understands all the aspects of rural land. We strive to meet our client’s goals and we start this process by listening to their needs. Once we understand the seller’s objective, we spend time getting to know the property, looking for attributes and hidden potential for added value. We determine the highest and best use for the property and devise a marketing campaign with a focus towards a specific buyer profile for the property. Our marketing efforts focus on obtaining the highest exposure through international land marketing websites, print media, signage, mailings, and our extensive network of associates.


What To Expect When Selling With Crosby Land Company

Product Knowledge
Our agents are landowners. Unlike other agents, we live the lifestyle we are selling. With backgrounds in wildlife management, forestry, farm operations, and conservation easements, we possess a product knowledge that our competitors lack. Client’s recognize and appreciate a knowledgeable broker when viewing property and someone who can share their own personal experiences.

We value our client’s time as well as our own. We vet buyers thoroughly to ensure they can perform their contractual duties. We work to provide the most accurate market data to help clients make informed decisions. This means pricing the client’s property correctly the first time, avoiding the trial and error method often used in other brokerages.

Negotiating Skills
Our knowledge of products and experience gives us the ability to negotiate the best possible contract for our clients in a timely fashion. We have the foresight to circumvent potential pitfalls that will interrupt the negotiating and contractual process.

Licensed in four states, with relationships throughout the Southeast, we are involved in rural land every day and are positioned to offer our clients a database of high net worth investors, institutional buyers and a network of rural land brokers we cooperate with throughout the US.


Stroupe Farm - RECENTLY SOLD

Colleton County, SC 147 Acres $595,000

Clover Leaf Farm - RECENTLY SOLD

Colleton County 189 Acres $675,000


Dorchester/Orangeburg County 513 Acres $1,231,200

Brick Chimney - SOLD

Colleton County, SC 610 Acres $2,195,000

Dawn Plantation - SOLD

Colleton County, SC 729.71 Acres $4,899,000

Mingo Creek Plantation - SOLD

Georgetown, SC 461.3 Acres $1,298,000

Swan Hill - SOLD

Jasper/Hampton County, SC 671.85 Acres $2,235,000

Hoovers Corner - SOLD

Hampton County, SC 973 Acres $2,386,288

Notable Sales

Hoovers Corner

Hoovers Corner

973 acres
Hampton County, SC

Swan Hill

Swan Hill

671.85 acres
Jasper/Hampton, SC

Mingo Creek Plantation

Mingo Creek Plantation

461.30 acres
Georgetown, SC

Dawn Plantation

Dawn Plantation

729.71 acres
Colleton, SC

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