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Buying land can be exhilarating. When as a landowner the cadence of your footsteps sync in harmony with the sounds of nature, it’s a feeling that both connects you to legacies and grounds you in respect.

Buying land can also be overwhelming and rife with discoveries and decisions that can quickly snap you out of the dream of land ownership into the realities of land management.

At Crosby Land Company, we help guide you to the property that meshes your vision with manageable responsibilities so that your overall goals remain intact.


At Crosby Land Company, our roots are in the land. With backgrounds in forestry, farming, wildlife management, conservation easements, and more we are uniquely positioned to broker land transactions of multiple scopes.

If you’re a private landowner selling the family farm, or an industrial landowner with multiple tracts in myriad states we are the professionals with the experience and knowledge you can trust.

As a land-only brokerage, we are hyper focused on your specialized needs and we are always excited to be a part of achieving your goals.

Featured Sold Properties


Combaheee River Preserve

County: Hampton, SC
Acres: 1382

Cotton Hall Plantation

County: Beaufort, SC
Acres: 716

Huspa Plantation

County: Beaufort, SC
Acres: 305


Red Bluff Plantation

County: Jasper, SC
Acres: 6329

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"Genuinely passionate about land. Todd has the essential traits to achieve trust and success."


"Todd's professionalism and attention to detail are top notch. His experience and knowledge is unparalleled."


"The team is committed, diligent, and always gets the job done right. I whole-heartedly trust Crosby Land Company."

Joe and Allyson Harden of Cotton Hall Plantation

"Working with this team has been a game-changer...True professionals, knowledgable, organized and continually goes above and beyond. "

Dewey Wise of Cusabo Plantation

"Crosby Land Company did an outstanding job in marketing two of my properties to potential buyers. I couldn't ask for better service."

Hugh Wilcox of Brockington Club

"Experienced. Professional. Knowledgable. Crosby Land Company always helps me get the best prices possible when buying and selling plantations and large properties. "

Christina Bates of Huspah Plantation

"Straightforward. Hardworking. I can't wait to work with Crosby Land Company again in the future!"

Frank Beidler of Francis Beidler Forest