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Buying land can be overwhelming in today’s real estate environment. All too often we witness uninformed buyers making the mistake of purchasing the wrong property to meet their needs, or even worse, overpaying for a property because of bad advice. As a client, you can be assured that we will put your interests first, and not just try to make a quick sale. With 39 years of combined forestry and brokerage under our belt, and our breadth of experience, we’ll help you avoid costly, uninformed decisions.


Our expertise in the rural land market affords our clients the ability to focus their attention on properties that meet their needs and that are priced within the bounds of market value. We eliminate wasted time with overpriced properties or properties that will be problematic for our client.


As land professionals, we recognize quality tracts of land and can see hidden potential. We also foresee problems that commonly go unrecognized by other agents. These hidden dangers, while seemingly minuscule in nature, can have major financial implications later that either impact the value of your asset or require significant financial resources to correct.


Licensed in four different states, with relationships throughout the Southeast, we rely on our vast network and resources to help buyers find the best available property for their needs. Through our network of clientele, we have inside knowledge of properties that are not always officially “on the market” and frequently negotiate successful transactions through these associations.

Regardless of the reasoning for purchasing land, Crosby Land Company has the experience and knowledge to help buyers make an informed decision. If you are considering buying land and would like a land specialist to work for you, we would like to hear from you.

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